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Lily is the first shopping app to use deep emotional intelligence & AI in the commerce market to decode a woman’s emotional and perceptive needs to accentuate and de-emphasize certain parts of the body and to use machine learning to match emotions, preferences, and perceptions about her body to clothes in real-time from their favorites brands. While, most shopping apps focus on 'what' users buy through millions of tangible actions such as browse history, purchase history etc., Lily focuses on 'why' the users like what they like and understands their intangible perceptions, irrational behavior driving their purchase decision. Since launching the product at SXSW (& winning) in 2017, Lily has maintained a 15x e-Commerce purchase conversion rate, also won Best Startup Award at The Startup Conference in Silicon Valley’17. Lily's vision is to be the experience layer of retail, omnipresent to also power higher conversions at digital and physical properties of brands/retailers.

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GENDER: Female