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At, we believe that humans are social animals and real-life interactions creates value. Isn't it awesome to meet your friends, as against chatting with them? Isn't it so much better resolving issues with your manager in person, than over email? Walking in a mall with shopping bags has its own charm, something online buying can't replace. Thats the reason we exist - the reason we wake up every morning: To facilitate real-life interactions between us, by making the process of stepping out - possible, easy, and beneficial. Imagine, the number of times you wanted to step out but didn't know where to go, what to do or how good a place is. Imagine how you so wanted to go to that restaurant/spa/hotel - but found it hard to reserve, to book, to know etc. etc. We just happen to do deals, but we also do reservations; and we also do content and we also do events. And tomorrow we will do a lot more. All, to encourage the world to step out.

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